Mdb Audio is acoustically treated according to the highest professional standards and equipped with top of the range professional gear found worldwide for audio production and finalization.

The five rooms are connected by a star-shaped analog network to a single Machine Room. Each room offers the possibility of accessing equipment available in any other room, and it is even possible to capture (analogue or digital) audio in different rooms simultaneously.

This modular design facilitates access to the studio equipment very quickly, creating smooth workflow. As an example, artists and audio/video producers can easily connect their laptop to our network structure and have access to all analog and/or digital equipment from any of our rooms.

This enormous versatility of the studio setup makes it an extremely competent option to accommodate the various recurrent situations in production and finalization of “modern or vintage” style of audio and video.

Mdb Audio is more than just a recording studio, we offer solutions that cover conventional situations that can be 100% analogue, hybrid or the production and finalization of Digital audio. Dubbing, voice overs, stereo mixing or various immersive sound formats as well as high definition recording formats are some exemples of what is possible to be done at Mdb Audio.


Mdb Audio offers one of the best possible communication infrastructures found in an audio production studio.

In the Machine Room, you can find the Internal Data Server as well as a Studer A80 2” 16 Tracks Recording Machine adapted to an IP Controller that can be activated from any of the recording or production rooms.

The rooms are equipped with 6 SDI6G channels and Ethernet point-to-point 10 GBytes/sec Cat 7 SFTP. 10 multipurpose fiber optic channels available.

The studio is equipped with IP, DANTE and RAVENNA digital networks as a point-to-point connection to a single stack of switches.

The internal Data Communication is done by optical fiber with double ring redundancy and 10Gb Ethernet copper fiber ring backup network, that is, it has triple security redundancy. Video communication is delivered to 10 internal fiber optic channels and 42 channels SDI Modular 6G Patched Channels.

The entire complex is covered with WIFI 5G Guest network.